Mirnyi, Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

The Association of Humanitarian Initiatives was registered by the Department of Justice of the republic Sakha (Yakytia) in October 23, 1995.
Its registration number is 495.

Address: Flat 320, 24/1 Yaroslavskogo Street, Yakutsk, 677022, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia.
Contact person: Marina Belozerova, Chairwoman of Association;
telphone: (4112) 43-52-50;
fax: (4112) 43-53-33

Marina Belozerova and Tulsum Bejsenbaeva

Name of organization: Female regional educational social establishment The "Association of Humanitarian Initiatives" (AHI) was organized in November 4, 1991.

Activities: the conduct of socially-useful projects in the field of education, upbringing, culture, and leisure activities.

Purposes: the increase of social activity of women and the uplift of their social status, participating in the formation of social policy of the region and the development of the system of local social ties.

We, the women of different professions: managers, teachers, psychologists, lawyers, ecologists, economists, social employees - teamed up not according to sex, but out of the generality of interests for the realization of common purposes: participating in the formation of the social politics of city and district and the developments of the system of local social nets.

In 1991 we came forward as the authors and co-ordinators of separate educational and social projects and programs. In the process of our activity we came to the conclusion that the consolidation of forces of state social and commercial organisations must come.

In this is the idea of the creation of The "Association of humanitarian initiatives", registered in October 23, 1995 by Department of Justice of the republic Sakha (Yakytia) as a non-government non-commercial female regional corporation. Mirnyi city resides in East Siberia, near the North pole. It is known all over the world, because here the main deposits of Russian diamonds are situated.

Our city is separated from main social, scientific, cultural and information centers by a belt of permafrost. You may only reach us by air! We reside in a distinctive information vacuum: information for us is the most expensive.

Namely that is why the most important for our organisation is a real information-instructional project, which includes nine diversified programs:

In 1994 we arranged and since then have been participating in the output of a supplement to the newspaper "Worker of Mirnyi" - the newsletter "Business woman plus . . ." with the circulation of 8000 copies. Currently, 13 issues have been released.

In 1995 we joined the Interregional Association of Independent Female Corporations and the Union of Female Organisations of Yakutia. Through the years of our activity we have repeatedly participated in various competitions and projects, received 10 international and Russian grants, including grants from McArthur and Ford Funds.

Already, after several years, the AHI serves as an information bridge between many public bodies of Yakutia on one side and Russian and international female and educational organisations on the other.

Marina Belozerova