Baikal Region Women's Union "Angara" was founded in 1992 and was officially registered by the Justice Administration of Irkutsk in March 21, 1995. Its registration number is 375.

Address: Office 412, 1a Lenina Street, Irkutsk, 664000.
Contact person: Albina Shirobokova, President; telephone: (3952) 34-24-19;
Uralova Svetlana, director of the project, telephone: (3952) 51-02-90;
fax: (3952) 34-20-20;

The Union "Angara" is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization. Its women are united with the mission of overcoming the crisis in political, economical, education and social-cultural life in the Baikal region and overcoming all forms of violence and discrimination. "Angara" has more than 30 women's organizations and initial groups in the Baikal region. The Union cooperates with many Russian and international organizations.

The points of Angara's interests:

  • Women and business
  • Environment
  • Politics
  • Little nations
  • Culture and art
  • Women and violence
  • Health
  • Education
  • Gender issues
  • Family

Albina Shirobokova

In 1996 "Angara" took part in 25 International and Russian conferences, congresses, and meetings. All the projects realized by the Union cost $501,306

Svetlana Uralova

The Union "Angara" works on:
  • Creation and realization of educational programs.
  • Women's studies for various schools, schools for unemployed women.
  • Organization of Sunday leaders' schools for women and girls.
  • An organizational project of the women's movement to supply information about women, women's initiatives and organizations, events in Russia, world wide and abroad.
  • Organization of a women's movement information library.
  • Creation of the women's parliament of the region.
  • Creation of the gender institute.
  • Development of the information-education project with the help of some Russian women's organizations.
  • Organization of a supply center of women's business.
  • Fighting gender stereotypes.
  • Preparation of the II International Women Forum "Women for World Survival", July, 1998.