The association "Conversion and Women" was registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in March 15, 1993. Its registration number is 1598.

Address: 7 Victorenko Street, Moscow, 125319, Russia.
Contact persons: Eleonora Ivanova, President;
Tel./fax: (095) 157-93-11;

Association "Conversion and women" is a non-governmental, non-commercial organization multyregional association of women-engineers and science officers of the RF defensive industry under conversion. Nowadays Association has seven regional branches (lrkutsk, Kaluga, Moscow, Moscow area, Omsk, Rostov-on- Don, Tula).

Our main purposes are:
  • Protection of the rights of the women of the defensive enterprises in conditions of economic, political and social reforms which are carried out for the country.
  • Assistance to the women of the defensive industry under conversion in preservation of their scientific and technical potential, labor placement and adaptation to varied conditions of life.
  • Wider Involving of the women in the decision- making processes of all levels of authority.
  • Raising of social activity of women of the RF defensive industry under conversion.
  • Creation of a civil society in Russia.

Eleonora Ivanova

Directions of activity of the Association are:

Participation in public life of the country with the purpose of rendering influence on carried out state internal and external policy, and also to the course of economical, political and social reforms we are working in the following directions:


The projects in the field of small business

  • Creation of temporary workplaces for reception of additional earnings.
  • Distribution of the consumer goods, let out on conversion technologies etc. Our nearest plans
  • Participation in realization of the National Platform of actions according to accepted at the IVth World Conference on Women in Beijing'95 Platform of Actions.
  • Realization of a series of seminars for the women of a defensive industry under conversion for activization of their social activity and transfer of experience of work of Association.
  • Creation of an information-consultation Center for the women of the defensive industry under conversion and regional branches of the Association as well.

Standing (left to right): Elena Askarova,
Ludmila Anisimova, Eleonora Ivanova,
Galina Chukaeva, Anastasya Posadskaya-Vanderbec,
Ludmila Dormidontova.
Sitting: Galina Skorohodova, Ludmila Kalinichenko,
Svetlana Vorobieva.

Our strategic plans within the framework of the future projects

The association "Conversion and women" invites you to cooperation!