Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan

WPA "Femina" was registered by Naberezhnye Chelnys Meria in May 25, 1994. Its registration number is 654.

Address: Flat 182, 57a 40 Let Pobedy Street  , Naberezhnye Chelny, 423815, Tatarstan.
Contact person: Yelena Mashkova, Director of the organization;
telephone: 7 (8552) 59-68-38 (home);
tel./fax: 7 (8552) 53-62-65;
e-mail: elena@femina.kazan.su

Yelena Mashkova

Femina's Background Organizational and Program - Related History Goals.

The group was created with the goal of breaking down - starting at the rank and file level - the deep-rooted stereotypes of women's roles, showing the true status of women in the town and throughout the region, keeping them well-informed and raising their self-consciousness, drawing the attention of the town authorities to women's problems.

Wishing to unite in order to jointly discuss and settle "feminine" problems, to provide everyone with perspectives for creative activities, to establish links with international women's organizations, led eventually to setting up a women's association.

We believe that our mission would contribute greatly to transforming the society, culture and economy on the basis of a policy that is not discriminative against women, and would also help to improve women's status and provide equal rights and opportunities for men and women during the period of reforms.

The Group falls into the category of local organizations and is operating in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan. Started in November 1990 on a voluntary basis, Femina was then registered as a non-state, independent, non-profit women's organization.

The Group is currently involved in the following 3 major lines of activity:

  1. Informational line: At the present time, a professional camera base is being created for Femina Women's TV Program. The project is intended for women of the city and region and provides for making, twice a month, 20-25 min. TV shows on the topics like "Problems of Survival", "Women and Law", "Women and Violence", "Women's Business", "Women and Health", "Women and Business", "Women and Family", "Women and Culture". The project was sponsored by John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the grant awarded for one year from 1-st of September 1995; Eurasia Foundation, the grant awarded for one year from 1-st of May 1996. Within the framework of the informational line we published a magazine for girls. Its title is "Girls Ask for Attention" and its primary concern is women's human rights issues. Supported by Global Fund for Women, we publish the monthly "Women's Notebook". Supported by the Ford Foundation, we hosted the interregional festival of TV programs for women "Women's Topic". Preparations are currently being made for the "Women's Topic - 2" festival.
  2. Educational line: We provide a variety of educational programs, trainings and opportunities. The Gender Studies Course has been offered at the Institute of Management since February 1994. Video training is offered to women aimed at improving their intercourse skills. Self-defense training techniques for women have been mastered.
  3. Research line: A sociological group has been formed to perform research on the women's status in the region. A program and questionnaire are currently being prepared for sociological research of family relations in Naberezhnye Chelny. We also intend to get involved in interviewing experts on violence against women.

Since the autumn of 1997, we have been carrying out a content analysis of the central TV programs to ascertain the general male and female images, as well as the TV-formed notions of their roles.

We published the following collections:

WPA Femina welcomes any scientific, business and friendly contacts with Russian and foreign organizations, funds, centers, and private persons concerned with women's destinies.

Yelena Mashkova