The Information Center of the Independent Womens Forum (IC IWF)
is a non-profit organization which was registered by the government of Moscow
on August 29, 1994. Its registration number is 1745-1.

Address: P.O. box 230, Moscow, 121019, Russia.
Contact person: Elizaveta Bozhkova, co-director;
tel./fax: 7 (095) 366-92-74;

The Information Center of the Independent Women's Forum (IC IWF) emerged in 1994 as a result of the initiative of several organizations, which tried to support the development of an infrastructure for the support of a network of independent women's organizations which share a common ideology, i.e. feminist ideas. Each movement-ecological, women's, antiwar, etc.- has a mission - to integrate new social values into society which could influence the activity related to law elaboration, decision making and the formation of public opinion. To solve the objectives of any movement needs a developed infrastructure to provide an open exchange of information, mutual enrichment of common resources, etc.

Liza Bozhkova

During 1991-1993 a network of the Independent Women's Forum was established, representing women's groups and organizations, whose activities were supported by contacts, different initiatives, and invitations to visit and participate in different arrangements, etc. At present, this network is broadening, diversifying and becoming more complex. Dedicated networks (for example, on problems related to violence or gender studies) are actively forming. The core of such networks is represented by one of the women's organizations entering the common network.There is a special network, which can be arbitrary called "infrastructural network". It incorporates the organizations, which are dealing not only with particular social projects in their regions, but also are developing the "mechanisms" of exchanging information, interacting with administration bodies, etc.

On this basis it became possible to make different agreements (for example, 40 organizations from 21 regions signed the Agreement on the preparation for the IV World Beijing Conference on women's status) and to organize temporary coalitions (for example, the Association of the Independent Women's Alliances was established). A network exchange of information is not sufficient for such activities. We need somebody who will be responsible for holding common actions, organizing coalitions, etc.

At present, the Information Center of the Independent Women's Forum is the organization with diversified functions.

  • It incorporates the following activities: -running seminars, conferences, discussions along the following themes: "Women's Rights: Social Expertise of Bills", "Development of Women's Regional Informational and Educational Centers", "Woman and Culture" educational program;
  • preparing analytical materials on women's position in society, preparing analyses on Bills, and giving consultations for the representatives of public organizations, state power bodies, researchers and journalists;
  • library and unique archives of international and Russian documents and other materials on women's problems;
  • issue of the bulletin "Vestnik" and informational leaflets distributed by e-mail 3-4 times per month and via Internet.

From rleft toight: Larissa Fedorova, Elena Kochkina,
Marina Liborakina, Lubov Mihailova, Lidia Yurovskaya,
lidia Skoptcova, Tatiana Konisheva, Elizaveta Bozhkova.

Experience gained in the activity related to safety problems. We have been dealing with problems associated with women's and family safety for two and half a years. We participated in the action "Women's World and Safety" (1995-1996), and in the program "Social Expertise of Bills" (1996-1997). We delivered lectures and prepared trainings for crisis centers (1996-1997). Here are some results:

Elizaveta Bozhkova