The organization was registered by the Justice Administration of the Kaluga region in January 19, 1993. Its registration number is 72.

Address: Room 4, 15 Vishnevsky Street, Kaluga-city, 248007.
Contact person: Lubov Mikhailova, President of the organization;
telphone: 7 (0842) 12-59-33;

Lubov Mikhailova

Some words about the history of our organization. One woman, a lawyer, pasted leaflets, in which she appealed to women of Kaluga to unite and overcome fear and obedience. At first, only two women came to meet her. After repeated appeals 40 women came and, as a result, the establishment of the Independent Organization of Women's Initiative (right protection) "Lubavy" was approved. Its regulations were registered only after the fifth attempt, in January 19, 1993.

Our goal is to expand and strengthen a right protection network in Russia in order to render assistance for any women from any point of Russia at the first troubled call. Many things should be done, among them, eradication of legal ignorance, which struck our society, as well as accomplishment of a great amount of work associated with legal education of our population. In the first instance, it concerns women, especially from the remote rural places.

Our network incorporates women's organizations not only in Kaluga. Our departments are in such remote rural places as Ludinovo, Mosalsk, Yukhnov, Zhukovo, Tarusa, Babynino, Ferzikovo. It is difficult to live in a society, in which violence is flourishing, and the responsibility is entirely absent. Sometimes I think that it would be better if I fell asleep for ever and never saw what is happening. But suddenly I tell myself: who will do this enormous work if not me!

Lubov Mikhailova