The Women's League "Initiative" was registered by the Justice Administration of the Saratov region in March, 1995. Its registration number is 474.

Address: Flat 33, 77 Lermontova Street, Saratov, 410030, Russia.
Contact person: Tatiana Kataeva, Chairman of League;
telephone: +7 (845-2) 26-94-46;
Languages for correspondance: Russian, English, German.

The Women's League "Initiative" was founded in March, 1995. The Women's League is a member of the Consortium of Women Non-Government Organizations (CIS-US) and also the co-founder of the Russian Association of Non-Government Women's Organizations. The Women's League is a voluntary organization. The women of Saratov created their organization to find new friends and to help each other get over difficulties of the transitional period of the market relations.

Tat'yana Kataeva: Chairperson of the Women's League "Initiative". Education: Physical Faculty of the University. Physicist. Sphere of work: Geophysics of oil and gas, computers. Literature and art creative works. The author of programs of the Women's League. The organizer of seminars.

Olga Grekova: Deputy Chairperson. Education: Art College. Artist. Sphere of work: Art creative works. The organizer of art exhibitions.

Nina Popova: Deputy Chairperson on economic questions. Education: University. Geographer. Sphere of work: Manager in the book trade firm. Organizing seminars. Director of finances.

Elena Ishmaeva: Deputy Chairperson on contacts with public organizations. Education: Academy of Music. Musicologist. Sphere of work: Editor of book publishing. Organizing seminars.

Nina Poltavskaya: Head of the children's section. Education: University. Chemist. Sphere of working: Rectification of waste products. Ecology. Educational work with children. Literature, creative work.

Elena Skomarovskaya: translator. Education: Pedagogical Academy. English teacher. Sphere of work: Translations and English lessons. Responsible for correspondence for the Women's League.

Olga Lisenko: Head of the section of social and psychological help for women. Education: Library College. Librarian. Sphere of work: Director of library. Carrying out psychological trainings. Writing articles and carrying out seminars on creating images.

Nina Tret'yakova. Education: University. Mathematician. Sphere of work: Mathematics teacher at the Technical University.

Irina Garzanova: Head of the section "Health". Education: Medical University. Doctor. Sphere of working: Doctor. Educational works.

The participants of the seminar "Women in Politics",
Saratov, September 1995.
5-th from the left (sitting) - Tatiana Kataeva

The Women's League "Initiative" is involved in 4 programs.

1. The Educational Program.

Trainings for women on the topic "Relations and Solution of conflicts" are carried out.

The seminar "Women in Politics" was held together with the Consortium of Women Non-Government Organizations (CIS-US). The leaders of women's organizations from 10 Russian cities took part in the seminar.

A method of training for women on the topic "Woman and Work" has been devised. These trainings will help women to stand up for their rights when their employers violate them.

The method of training for women on the topic "Image of Business Woman" has been devised.

The seminar "Ecology of Soul" for the leaders of Saratov pulic organizations was held together with the Samara Charity Association "Ozarenie"("Lighting").

The Educational Program proposes to give some seminars on learning new means of telecommunication and organizing courses of teaching foreign languages.

2. The Information Program.

The operative exchange of information with the Information Center of the Independent Women's Forum about the news in the women's movement is carried on within the framework of this program. We created a computer data base of the Povolzhe Public Organizations and the computer data base of the sources of financing.

3. The Cultural Program.

The program sets itself to popularize women's creative works in Literature, art and music. The program envisages publishing books, arranging art exhibitions, carrying out Literature and musical evenings Three art exhibitions of the women-artists have been already organized.

4. The Program "Woman and World".

The program envisages relations with the women's organizations of different countries, the exchange of delegations, arranging of joint seminars and conferences.

Tatiana Kataeva