The Moscow Center for Gender Studies (MCGS) was registered by the Government of Moscow in April 1, 1994. Its registration number is 1515-1.

Address: 32 Nakhimovsky Prosp., Moscow, 117218, Russia.
Contacts persons: Olga Voronina, Tatiana Klimenkova - co-directors;
tel./fax: 7 (095) 125-64-19, 129-10-01, 243-69-84;
e-mail: ,,

The Moscow Center for Gender Studies (MCGS) is a non-governmental, non-profit research institution with a feminist orientation.

The Center was founded in April 1990 as a part of the Institute for Socio-Economic Population Problems (ISEPP). In April 1994 Center was registered as the Moscow Center for Gender Studies.

From Left to Right: Elena Kochkina, Elena Mezentceva, Valentina Konstantinova, Lidia Zaichenko,
Anastasia Voronina, Marina Baskakova, Anna Semenova, Elena Ballaeva,
Tatiana Klimenkova, Tamara Dolgis, Larissa Luniakova.
Sitting: Olga Voronina, Nadejda Krilova, Rita Beljakovskaya.

MCGS mission is seen by its members:

What is being done to implement this mission?

MCGS spheres of investigation:

Tatiana Klimenkova