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The organization was registered by the Justice Administration of the Murmansk region in November 10, 1993.
Its registration number is 168.

Adress: Office 205, 60 Polarniye Zori Street, Murmansk, 183038.
Contact person: Lubov Shtyleva, President;
telephone: 7 (8152) 233-121, 59-19-72;
tel./fax: 7 (8152) 57-95-51;

Lubov Shtileva and Ifina Fogt

The Kola Peninsula Congress of Women is a non-governmental regional women's organization. The organization has worked since its registration in 1992. It is an open democratic network of women's organizations of the Murmansk region. The Congress of Women consists of 73 independent women's groups under the condition of free will membership. The principle organ is the Conference. The government bodies are the Co-ordination Council, the President and the Co-Presidents of the Congress of Women. The goals of the Congress of Women are:

The main purposes of the Congress of Women:

The Congress of Women Programs: "The Regional Center of Women's Additional Education and Development"(an educational program). The independent educational public establishment was registered in 1995, and was created by a group of women-scientists - teachers. In February 1996 has began to work the Electronic Documents Center and juridical library. Has created the information base on different questions. Every month publishes "Information Sheet". The projects co-ordinators: Shtyleva Lubov Vasiljevna, B. of pedagogics, docent.

The Crisis Center for Women was registered in 1997. Since 1995 the Center has worked the Women's hotline; is currently preparing the opening of the first Cola Peninsula Center for victims of violence. The projects co-ordinators - Veselova Galina, psychologist tel. (7-815-2) 330-955.

The Participants of the Human Rights Seminar

The Sunday School "Bereginja". The young people program of the Congress of Women provides additional education and development for teenage girls. Girls have their classes on Sundays from September till May every year. It is a two year program and every year from 150 to 200 girls study in "Bereginja".

Each Summer we organize special "School of Leadership". The program coordinators - Parshcova Svetlana Veniaminovna, tel./fax (815-2) 591-468.

"Retro" - club for old-age women. Opened on 1 October 1994. A member of international network of elderly women.

The program goal:

Conducts weekly meetings, parties, lessons of hand-made creative work. Studies the elderly people position in society and co-operates with the branch office of Pension Fund of Russian Federation, administrations of districts. The project coordinator - Lentionova Svetlana Vladimirovna, tel.(815-2) 233-121.

All work is on voluntary basis. The Congress of Women has no staff. The organization receives financial assistance from international funds, the administration, members dues, contributions from citizens and businessmen, commercial bank "Murman" and "North Sea Bank", Ford Foundation, GWF .

Co-presidents of the Kola Peninsula Congress of Women: Irina Fogt, Lybov Shtyleva, Svetlana Parshcova, Violanta Rtveladze.

Lybov Shtyleva