The Volgograd Regional Department is a structural unit of the interregional movement "Women's Forum- New Policy" registered in the Justice Ministry of the Russian Federation in February 23, 1994. Its registration number is 2127. The Volgograd regional department was registered in the Justice Administration of the Volgograd Oblast under registration number 730.

Address: Room 110, 9 Lenin's Prospect, Volgograd, 400098.
Contact person: Dinara Nikulina, Chairwoman of the Volgograd regional department;
telephone: (8442) 44-04-18.

Dinara Nikulina

Our motto is: "To live on the Earth means to be good to people!"

Women have established their organization with the purpose to consolidate the efforts in advocating and restoring their rights (labour, housing, human) in the courts. It is important now to struggle against violence on the government's side.

Our organization incorporates women of different specialities: engineers, lawyers, economists, psychologists, journalists, sociologists possessing large labour experience and knowledge of life and ready to help other women. We actively participate in all arrangements (conferences, Congresses, seminars etc.) held at different levels. We get information from the Women's Information Network, the Information Center of the Independent Women's Forum, the Institute of National Democracy and use it in our work with women's associations of the region.

Our organization is engaged in the law protection activity. Since 1990 we have been acting as the Committee of social and legal advocacy of our citizens. In 1994 we were reformed into a regional department of the social-political movement "Women's Forum-New Policy".

We took part in three election campaigns nominating candidates-women for the election to the municipal and regional Duma in three electoral districts in December 1993, September 1995 and March 1997. We obtained 10th and 11th places, respectively, out of 18 and 23 participants. The first step is the hardest! We hope we shall attain better results!

On our initiative it is planned to organize the Committee within the Municipal Council to see to the consideration of women's letters and addresses to power bodies. Together with the Volgograd women's organization "Public Center for Human Rights" we receive citizens and consult them on legal issues, help them arrange documents and materials for the court, advocate their interests as public defenders or their representatives.

We participate in the work of the Commission for the examination of different foundations, social services of the region, town, districts. The most odious cases associated with infringements are published by us in the newspaper "Press-club" (issued by the public organization "Press-club"). We succeed in real help to people and experience great moral satisfaction. We stand for an active position in life. We cannot calmly see how women's rights are broken, how person's dignity is crushed.

Our partners in Volgograd are the following organizations: the regional movement for advocating maternity and childhood rights "Family", Volgograd "Press-club", "Women for Peace in Their Motherland", "Maternal Right", public center for human rights and collaboration of peoples.

Dinara Nikulina