The Independent Women's Democratic Initiative (NeZHDI) of Voronezh was registered by the Justice Administration of the Voronezh region in November 12, 1993. Its registration number is 303.

Address: Room 415, 8 Nikitinskaya Street, Voronezh, 394000, Russia.
Contact persons: Tarasova Ludmila, Chairwoman of project;
Telephone: 7 (0732) 52-23-70;
Fax: 7 (0732) 550-600, 551-444
e-mail: forvor@for.vrn. ru

Ludmila Tarasova

Our organization - Independent Women's Democratic Initiative NeZHDI - is the first non-profit non-governmental women's group in Voronezh. There are more than 200 members of organization. Our organization cooperates with 28 public associations such as women's councils of all regions of Voronezh, association of mother with handicapped children, association "World through the culture", organization "Women in science and education", club "Health", regional association "Voronezh business women", the Committee of Soldier's Mothers etc.

The activity of Voronezh organization NeZHDI is following:

The goal of the conference is to put right the way of cooperation of administration body with non-governmental women's organizations. The conference shows that the way of cooperation must be more perfecting. We decided to have the second stage of the conference in September 1997;

We published few issues of the "Newsletter of Women's Movement" and we want to go on with it. Organization NeZHDI participates in NEWW On-line project since March 1995. The work with e-mail helps our women to exchange information with other organizations, to participate in international conferences and projects.

Our organization received the grant from the Ford Foundation in November 1996 for the goals of the creation of an Information Center of non-governmental women associations of Central-Chernozemny region.

NeZHDI cooperates with Informational Centre of Independent Women Forum, supports the contacts with Moscow Center for Gender Studies and regional women organizations in St-Petersburg, Naberezhnye Chelny, Rostov, Saratov and so on.

Natalia Tkachova, coordinator of project