The Alliance was established on September 18, 1993. It was registered by the Justice Department of the Administration of the Rostov region in March 31, 1994 under the registration number 580.

Address: 88 Kalinina Street, Novocherkassk-city, 346427, Rostov region.
Contact person: Valentina Cherevatenko, Chairwoman-Coordinator of the Alliance;
tel.: 7 (86352) 31-936;
fax: 7 (86352) 34-107;

The main goals of the Alliance are directed to raising women's roles in the social, political, economical and cultural spheres of life as well as advocating women's interests and performing peacemaking and law protection activity.

Valentina Cherevatenko

The regulations of the Alliance provide for individual and collective membership. Different women's organizations of the Rostov region entered the Alliance in the beginning: Red Cross Society and Charitable Foundation (Belaja Kalitva-city), The Association "Nadezhda" (Kamensk-city), Joint-Stock Company "MiR" (Mother and Child), Novocherkassk-city) women's association "Sudarynja" (Taganrog-city), Association "Seven-I" (large families), the newspaper "Teacher of Don" (Rostov-Don), Women's Board (Shakhty-city).In the process of the activities of the Alliance the following women's organizations joined: Commissions of Soldier's Mothers in Zernograd and Volgodonsk-cities, the women's organization "Soglasie" (Rostov-Don), the association "Women with University Education" (Shakhty-city), The Commission of Soldier's Mothers of Don (Rostov-Don).

The Alliance "Women of the Don" works in the Rostov region (area=100,000 square meters), which includes 42 administrative districts and 15 large towns. The population of the region amounts to more than 4.4 million persons.

In 1996 on the Alliance's initiative the international conference "Women for Peace without Wars and Violence" was held.

The conference was held in November 15-16, 1996 in Rostov-Don. More than 250 people representing 85 NGOs of the Russian Federation, Armenia, Georgia, and the USA participated in it.

Main Programs to be Implemented by the alliance "Women of the Don":

  1. Setting up a regional service of social and legal consultations aimed at assisting the citizens in realizing their legitimate rights. At the same time the functions of such a service should be directed to raising legal literacy of the population.
  2. The program "Returning the Peace after the Conflict". One of the most grave consequences of war are psychological traumas of the people-war victims.
  3. We believe that in order to achieve peace it is necessary to use women's peacemaking capabilities and mother's diplomacy to full extent. Women, consolidating their efforts, can force conflicting parties to pass from war to peace. But a huge everyday work and faith to its success are required to attain these goals. We say to everybody, who wishes to participate in the implementation of our programs: "We are ready to collaborate with you".

Valentina Cherevatenko