Training  "Establishing and management by special documentation information centers with international standards ISO" 

This course (70 academic hours) includes the teoretics and practical levels on work with computer bibliographic programme CDS/ISIS (worked out by UNESCO and adapted small special libraries and documentation centers). 

The computer programme CDS/ISIS has predestination for creation bibliographic computer's catalogues on ISO standards. It is possible to combine information from different sources in one software (CDS/ISIS). All users of this programm have opportunity to exchange catalogues, to add own information to other catalogues without distance between documentation centers.

Training's programme

Seminar International training seminar "Establishing and monitoring women's rights in Russia", 17-21 March 1996 with financial support of UNFPA. 

The aims of the seminar were to: 
  • make Russian women aware of their legal and reproductive rights as formulated in International Conventions and Programmes of Action and National Legislation; 

  • promote legal literacy and empower women by making them competent to monitor the implemenation of the existing legal instruments to ensure their rights; 

  • train women to critically assess the actual situation of women in their country and identify any forms of discrimination against them in law and in practice;

  • foster cooperation between women from West/East European countries for the establishment of democratic procedures in Russia. 
The materials after seminar were published in brochure. You can find here the content, and texts.