Moscow Center for Gender Studies (MCGS)
Scientific-educational Project

    Edited by:
    Zoya Khotkina, Natalia Pushkareva, Elena Trofimova

    Cvetlana Aivazova

    Woman Gender Culture. - M.: MCGS, 1999. - 368 p.

    ISEPP RAS License N 040887.
    ISBN 5-89997-010-3

    Present collection of papers and essays is based on results of work in two summer schools: 2nd and 3d Russian Schools on Women's and Gender Studies "Volga-97" and "Azov-98". Leading specialists as well as young scientists contributed to this book. Its contents will be interesting to psychologists and sociologists, economists and lawyers, philosophers and to all those to whom fate of women and perspectives of science in Russia are of concern.

    (c) Z. Khotkina
    (c) N. Pushkareva
    (c) E. Trofimova
    (c) Contributors



Part I. Theory and Methodology of Gender Studies

Part II. Women in Society

Part III. Image of Women

Dear Colleagues! We are pleased to announce that we have published a book "Woman Gender Culture" Edited by Zoya Khotkina, Natalia Pushkareva, Elena Trofimova. Unfortunately, we do not have funds for distribution of this book, but it is available free-of-charge. If you or your colleagues are in Moscow, please call the MCGS (095) 125-6419 and drop in to pick it up. You may obtain one copy for yourself and one for your university library.

We await you at MCGS!

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