Petrova Natalia Petrova Natalia
Ph.D. for Economical Science, President of the Interregional Public Organization "Federation of Women Entrepreneurs"

"From the words, if we really want them to become reality, a hard and sometimes ungrateful work should follow which will require considerable efforts. Are many of us ready to start this work, which is not promising any awards?"

"I love fairy tales but I do not believe in them."

About myself ...

Natalia Petrova is Ph.D. for Economical Science, specialization "Economy and Management". 1995 she graduated from the Academy of National Economy by the Government of the Russian Federation (chair "International Business"). In 1995 she studied at the School of International Business and has an MBA degree. She has a degree of engineer (Electrotechnical Institute, Lenigrad, chair of electrophysics).

Natalia Petrova is author of more than 15 articles on problems of small business' support and specifics of women's enterprise in Russia, published in scientific and business editions.

She has great experience of social work. From March 1998 until 2000 she was Vice-President of the Association of businesswomen of Russia. In that position she managed international projects of the Association in various regions of Russia, took part in the Russian and international conferences and forums. Now she is President of the Interregional Social Organization "Federation of Women Entrepreneurs"

She has great experience of working in the state and large commercial structures. In 1997-1998 she was working as consultant of the Chairman of the Committee for Power Industry of CIS, as manager of the international project "Tariff Policy in Power Industry Complexes in CIS countries". In 1997 she was working as head of the department of Investments in the Commercial Bank "Loko-Bank" in Moscow. She took part in the large-scale state projects and programs for well-known Russian and international organizations (National Fund for Managerial Personnel Training, National Leasing Center, TACIS, USAID, UNIDO, "Euroelectric").

Natalia Petrova has 12-years experience of teaching in the field of special and business education. In 1995-1996 she was working as vice pro-rector in the business school "Mirbis" by the Plekhanov Economical Academy. In 1997-1999 she headed the group of Russian teachers-consultants in the project TACIS-SMERUS 9502. She has practical experience of marketing surveys on business-education issues, working out of new educational programs and management seminars, personnel management.

In 1999-2000 worked in the project of the American Faulkner Institute aimed at studying of the strong sides of Russian family. In 2000 she began working in the program of the MiraMed Institute aimed at the support of women enterprise in Russian regions (Saratov and Velikiy Novgorod).

Since 1990 she is owning her business. Now she is managing her own company OOO "Plastconsult".