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Новейшие публикации по men's studies

В последнее время появилось несколько гендерных журналов со специальными выпусками, посвященные проблеме мужественности. Один из них - "Журнал междисциплинарных гендерных исследований" (vol. 2, 2, Dec. 1998) - был посвящен "Австралийской маскулинности". Номер содержит статьи о сексуальной политике и гомофобии как элементе патриархальности (Gary Dowsett), военной культуре (Katerina Agostino) и другие материалы.

Мужчины и мужественность (Men and Masculinity)

Журнал нацелен на публикацию высококачественных междисциплинарных исследований в области изучения проблем маскулинности. Используя разнообразные методологии, авторы статей, которые публикуются в журнале "Мужчины и мужественность", исследуют развитие мужских ролей и восприятие мужчин в обществе.

Содержание выпуска 1999 года включает в себя следующие статьи: Work, Play and Power: Masculine Culture on the Automotive Shop Floor, 1930 - 1960 - Stephen Meyer; Rereading Man's Conquest of Nature: Skill, Myths and the Historical Construction of Masculinity in Western Extractive Industries - Nancy Quam-Wickham; "Building Better Men": The CCC Boy and the Changing Social Ideal of Manliness - Jeffrey Ryan Suzik; Masculinity, Hierarchy and the Auto Racing Fraternity: The Pit Stop as a Celebration of Social Roles - Ben A. Shackleford; Everyday Peter Pans: Work, Manhood and Consumption in Urban America, 1900 - 1930 - Woody Register; Men's Texts and Race - Kevin Mumford; The End of the Line: Infertile Men's Experiences of Being Unable to Produce a Child - Russell E. Webb and Judith C. Daniluk; Last Laughs: Batman, Masculinity and the Technology of Abjection - Calvin Thomas; "Our Best Boys": The Gendered Nature of Civil - Military Relations in Israel - Uta Klein; Masculinity and Fatherhood Reexamined: An Ethnographic Account of the Contradictions of Manhood in a Rural Jamaican Town - Diana J. Fox; Fatherhoods and Fieldwork: Intersections between Personal and Theoretical Positions - Nicholas Townsend; On the Construction of Male Differences: Marketing Variations in Technosemen - Lisa Jean Moore and Matthew Allen Schmidt; Displaying the Phallus: Masculinity and the Performance of Sexuality on the Internet - Marjorie Kibby and Brigid Costello; Sodomitical Scandals and Subcultures in the 1720s - Jeff Rey Merrick; and Style or Substance: Men's Response to Feminist Challenge - Alberto Godenzi.

"Журнал мужских исследоаний" (Men's Studies Journal)

Содержание осеннего выпуска журнала содержит следующие статьи: "Pedagogical Issues and Approaches Encountered in a Psychology of Men Course" - Joanne K. Urschel; "Beyond Ticks and Clicks: The Need for More Diverse and Broader Conceptualizations and Measures of Father Involvement" - Alan J. Hawkins and Rob Palkovitz; "Brass Balls: Masculine Communication and the Discourse of Capitalism in David Mamet's "Glengarry Glen Ross" - Andrea Greenbaum; "The Feminization of Domestic Violence in America: The Woozle Effect Goes Beyond Rhetoric" - Nancy S. Coney and Wade C. Mackey; "Sublime Patriots": Black Masculinity in Three African - American Novels" - Robert Nowatzki; "Men Facing Their Vulnerabilities: Group Processes for Men Who Have Sexually Offended" - Charles J. Sabatino; and "Hegemonic Masculinity, Friendship, and Group Formation in an Athletic Subculture" - Steve Harvey.

Рецензии на книги: Men, Power and Myths: The Quest for Male Identity - Allan Guggenbuhl, reviewed by Chris Bullock; Masculinities, Crime and Criminology - Richard Collier, reviewed by Kathleen Burke and Brian Burtch; Gay Male Christian Couples: Life Stories - Andrew K. T. Vip, reviewed by Robert Gurney; The Healing Connection: How Women Form Relationships in Therapy and in Life - Jean Baker Miller and Irene Pierce Stiver, reviewed by Stu Johnston; A New Psychotherapy for Traditional Men - Gary R. Brooks, reviewed by Anthony B. Lanzillo; A Shared Experience: Men, Women, and the History of Gender - Laura McCall and Donald Yacovone, reviewed by Thomas Winter.