Non-govermental Charitable Sexual Assault Recovery Center


In Moscow, November 1998, an art exhibition, "Stop Violence Agaist Women". was held.

Works at the exhibition were from professional artists and women survivors of violence. The pictures that you see here are not from professional artists. These pictures express all the grief and pain of women who experience violence, when her feelings, her disires and her dignity are abused.

We hope that sometime in our lives there will come the light.

That is for what we work!



Written on the picture:

"I am helping you!"

Written on the picture:

"Vulnerability. Fear. Not loneliness, but emptiness.
Everything is peaceful but I am not. I want to disappear."

Written on the picture:

"No matter how a woman behaves, she has the right to change her mind.
Perhaps she has made a mistake, but that is not a crime which should be punished. And a man who is not able to understand this and stop has no justification."

Written on the picture:

"All the best still lies ahead....... This is not exactly a landscape, but our life, and the couple just people. Or maybe even different aspects of one person".

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