Non-governmental Charitable Sexual Assault Recovery Center


The "Syostri" Center, founded in 1994, focuses on the following activities:

1. Providing sexual assault survivors with help and support through hotline service, face-to-face counseling, and support groups for women.

2. Conducting educational programs on preventing sexual violence and self-defense for teenagers and young people; training programs for experts (medical doctors, nurses, psychologists) on work issues with sexual assault survivors; and training and internships for counselors from crisis centers of Russia and NIS.

3. Providing legal counseling and advocacy activities in court as well as educational programs for representatives of law enforcement agencies.

4. Initiating specific events and conferences on the issues of violence against women.

5. Collaborating with the mass media and focusing on changing society's attitudes towards sexual assault survivors; improving the survivors status in society; and creating improved legal, psychological, and social conditions for rehabilitation of sexual assault survivors.

Tel./Fax: 901-02-01

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