ZhIF would like to present you the FAS:

Frauenanstiftung e.V., Hamburg
(FAS) - The Women's Foundation

is a component part of the "Rainbow Foundation", close to the Green Party of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The FAS is supporting autonomous women's projects and projects of networking between women all over the world. At any given time, about thirty major projects are receiving funds. In addition, many smaller programs on political education, awareness-raising and international encounters are supported and organised each year in Germany and abroad.

These are the main features of the work of the FAS in Central and Eastern Europe:

More details on the work of FAS in Europe and its cooperation partners can be obtained by ordering:

"Prelude"/"Auftakt" from the
Stahltwiete 20, D-22761 Hamburg,
Tel.:040-8509005, Fax: 040-8513547,

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