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Welcome to Home page of ZhIF

ZhIF - Zhensky Innovatsionny Fond "Vostok-Zapad" (Russian)
or Women's Innovation Fund "East-West" (English)

The mission statement and current major activity.

ZhIF is a non-profit non-governmental organisation which sees its mission in promoting prosperous democratic society for all citizens of with equal rights and opportunities helping women to become actively involved in fulfilling socio-economic, political and legal objectives and providing them with knowledge and skills for participating in decision making at all levels.

The basic goals of the organisation are as follows:

to promote the active participation of women in the power structures and at all levels of decision making;
to assist Russian women in turning their attitudes from passive into active;
to educate women and provide an access to the necessary information which will help them to become more active and co-ordinate their civic initiatives;
to develop intercultural connections and spread out teaching and networking experience;
to build experience and introduce innovations into the educational system.

ZhIF was founded in 1992 as a joint project of women from the German Women's Foundation Frauen-Anstiftung e.V. and women from the new independent women's movement in Russia. It has been registered in 1993 as Moscow social organisation though its activities extend to various regions of Russia and abroad.

ZhIF thanks "Frauen-Anstiftung" for base support of the main project "FRAUENINNOVATIONSZENTRUM"

During 1994-1996 ZhIF participated in several International projects , where telematics was the main tool for implementation of whole activities.

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