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ZhIF - Zhensky Innovatsionny Fond "Vostok-Zapad" (Russian)
or Women's Innovation Fund "East-West" (English)

The main project for ZhIF "FRAUENINNOVATIONSZENTRUM" was formed for creation and development of information resources for women likes Internet-server, databases and women's magazine; establishing information exchange and reinforcing connections with international women movements. The Project's activity is based on use telematic as a main tool, and view on networking of women's organisations as new form of regional co-operation.
This project include the following:

Server "OWL"
Data base on-line "Women Link" (notworking)
Magazine "Woman Plus..."
Seminars and telematic training.
International seminars
"Women's Leadership School"
"Electronic documentation centre"
Database "Women's Rights and Opportunity"
Database "Treasure Island"
Special Services for women's organizations

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