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ZhIF - Zhensky Innovatsionny Fond "Vostok-Zapad" (Russian) 
or Women's Innovation Fund "East-West" (English)

During 1994-1996 ZhIF participated in several International projects , where telematics was the main tool for implementation of all activities.
DL  "Distance Learning with Telematics" was a pilot project aimed to develop distance learning using telematicle tools. It includes creation of a regional network for women's education via telematics. New opportunity has occurred for the development of a network for ZhIF as partner of SOKOM Gbh (Germany), main contractor of the pilot-project "DL ". Under this project 160 students from 10 region of Russia participated and four training courses were elaborated. This project was sponsored by the EC TACIS and Democracy program (1994-1995). 
WPIS  "Women as Path-finders on the Information - Superhighway - Networking For Women NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe in the Electronic Age". This project includes training courses and discussions on telematics for the International Summer Women's School "HIPPO" in Slovenia (1995). Four partner organisations from Russia, Germany and Czech Republic participated in the project. As a result of the project management and co-ordination techniques of networking a practical manual for Central and Easter Europe women's NGOs was worked out and published the handbook "Managing women's NGO: views, tools, utilities". This project was sponsored by EC TACIS and PHARE Democracy program EC (1995-1996). 
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