of the "Women's Movement of Russia"

to Women's Organisations of Europe

Dear friends:

A tragedy has struck Europe - our common homeplace.

It is not for the first time that irresponsible actions undertaken by the NATO turn the Balkan Peninsular into a World War birthpalce. The attempt to solve Kosovo problem by brute force violating the international law standards will never resolve such a complicated ethnic conflict in Jugoslavia. They ruin the world order in Europe, which was established with so many difficulties after the World War II.

The UNO, OSCE and other organisations, called to protect the international law standards, are to take the situation in their hands, stop the aggression, and show the NATO their place.

In the situation when the weapons produced at the cost of the tax-payers in the western democratic countries are killing civilians - elderly people, women and children, we have no right to be silent!

There was no chance for the European Women's Movement to prevent the World War, which broke out in the Balkans at the beginning of the 20th centiry. Now, at the very end of this century, this movement has great political resources. Women's organisations are a significant public force. Their representatives participate in Europarliament, in the parliaments of the countries taking part in this aggression.

If we all speak against the NATO military adventure, if the women's organisations in all European countries take their supporters to the streets, we shall manage to stop the aggression!

It is our duty to restore peace in Europe for the sake of our children!

Women of Russia Movement

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