"About redistribution of authorities among power levels"
Discussion under the project "Gender Budgets in Russia" - 2005

Placement of the project materials "Gender Budgets in Russia"
on e-portal "Women and Society" (http://www.owl.ru)

The following informational and analytical materials, prepared in the course of the project implementation "Gender Budgets in Russia" were places in the Internet on the portal "Women and Society" for open access by all interested people

More than 50 materials (volume 700 Kb) were prepared and placed on the portal "Women and Society" starting from June 2004. (The list of informational materials placed by 24.05.2005 on the e-portal see in Russian).

The most popular materials among visitor of the web-site in June 2005 were:

  1. Budget analysis of the Pension Foundation of the Russian Federation
    (P. A. Orlov-Karba, Adviser of the Federal Service on financial markets)
  2. Main principles and calculations of relationships between the federal budget and consolidated budgets of the subjects of the RF in 2005
    (N.I. Chekorina, expert of the State Duma)
  3. Problems with additional drug supply for different categories of population
    (E.V. Kravchenko, expert of the State Duma)
  4. Regulation of the salary/wage payments. Gender dimensions.
    (N.I. Chekorina, expert of the State Duma)
  5. Social Decentralization of human rights in Russia due to administrative reforming
    (L.S. Rzhanitsina, Ph.D. in Economics, professor, Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Science)
  6. Social aspects of the administrative budgetary reforming in Russia: benefits for veterans and disabled persons
    (L.S. Rzhanitsina, Ph.D. in Economics, professor, Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Science)
  7. Regulation of the population employment. Gender dimensions.
    (N.I. Chekorina, expert of the State Duma)
  8. Gender expertise of the Message of Mr. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly of the RF dated 25 April 2005
    (E.B. Gilinskaya, Ph.D. in Economics, Higher School of Economics, L.S. Rzhanitsina, Ph.D. in Economics, professor, Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Science)
  9. Economic policy and its connection with social policy
    (A.N. Ivanov, expert of the State Duma)

Staring from the moment of material placement on the web-site (12 July) till 30 June 2005 the calculator "Mail.ru" registered 13884 visits of the project materials (by 07 July – 14011), and 5201 visits among them were done in 2004.

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Dynamics of visits

The geography of the visits of the project materials "Gender Budgets in Russia" covers the whole world. In 2005, most visitors were Russians (72,1%); portal is also popular in Europe (8,4%) and USA (7,6%); visits from the following countries were also registered:

In 2004, visitors from the following countries were registered: Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, South America.

Distribution of visits by regions of Russia

For registration of the visits from the regions of Russia additional calculator was placed in May 2005. The following regional visits were registered during the period of 30 days (01 - 30 June 2005).

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Distribution: by regions of Russia
Period: 30 days
a) Visitors: Graph

b) Visitors: List

1. Altaisky krai
2. Amurskaya oblast
3. Archangelskaya oblast
4. Astrakhanskaya oblast
5. Bashkortostan Republic
6. Belgorodskaya oblast
7. Vladimirskaya oblast
8. Vologodskaya oblast
9. Voronezskaya oblast
10. Ivanovskaya oblast
11. Irkutsk region
12. Labardino-Balkaria
13. Kaliningrad oblast
14. Kaluzhskaya oblast
15. Karashaevo-Cherkessia
16. Karelia Republic
17. Kemerovskaya oblast
18. Kirovskaya oblast
19. Komi Republic
20. Krasnodarsky krai
21. Krasnoyarsky krai
22. Kurgan oblast
23. Kurskaya oblast
24. Leningrad oblast
25. Lipetskaya oblast
26. Moscow
27. Moscow oblast
28. Murmansk oblast
29. Nizhegorodskaya oblast
30. Novgorod oblast
31. Novosibirsk oblast
32. Omsk oblast
33. Orenburg oblast
34. Orlovskaya oblast
35. Penzenskaya oblast
36. Permsk oblast
37. Primorsky Krai
38. Pskovskaya oblast
39. Rostov oblast
40. Ryazan oblast
41. Samara oblast
42. Saint-Petersburg
43. Saratovskaya oblast
44. Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
45. Sakhalinskaya oblast
46. Sverdlovskaya oblast
47. Severnaya Osetia
48. Smolensk oblast
49. Tambov oblast
50. Republic of Tatarstan
51. Tverskaya oblast
52. Tomsk oblast
53. Tula region
54. Tumen oblast
55. Republic of Udmurtia
56. Ulyanovsk oblast
57. Khabarovsky krai
58. Khanty-Mansiysky automonous region
59. Chelyabinsk oblast
60. Chitinskaya oblast
61. Chuvash Republic
62. Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous region
63. Yaroslavskaya oblast

Information about project materials was disseminated among regular users of the portal “Women and Society” by sending of the digest on weekly basis. 1002 permanent users were registered by 30 June 2005 from different countries.

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