East-West: ZhIP

last updated 12 December 2004
1993 - -

Regional Public Organization East-West: Womens Innovation Projects


Organization has been registered in 1993, is working at present as informational analytic agency, and is leader in introduction of gender approach. Agency is realizing collection/selection and target distribution of information: news on gender issues, annotations of publications, monographs, researches, reports, statistic reviews. Agency is also realizing projects in the sphere of gender education. The main tool in the work of agency informational and communicational technologies.



Assistance to building a prosperous democratic society of equal rights and opportunities for men and women through changing of stereotypes of social awareness by means of informational and educational activities.

TARGET OF RPO Vostok-Zapad: ZhIP

1. Integration of gender approach into:

-          1.1. processes of making of social, economic and political decisions;

-          1.2. processes of forming of social awareness;

-          1.3. processes of science and education development;

2. Creation of adequate conception of international community about the situation in the sphere of gender equality in Russia Federation.


TASKS OF RPO Vostok-Zapad: ZhIP:

1.1.   To assist to womens promotion to power through:

1.1.1.        Rendering of informational space

1.1.2.        Informational support for women who are ready to go to power

1.1.3.        Rendering of analytical information on gender subjects to persons participating in decision making;

1.1.4.        Distribution of results of the monitoring on gender component in programs of political parties and movements to stimulate its involvement;

1.2.1.        Intensification of public discussion through

-          increase of publications number

-          involvement into power

-          opinion leaders

-          persons who influence on decision making

1.2.2.        Providing access to informational resources for mass media;

1.3.1. Providing access to informational resources for representatives of science and education

1.3.2. Creation of informational resources for scientists and teachers/students

2.1. Regular informing of mass media and international organizations about improvement of the situation.


Since 1994, ZhIP realized its programs under support of the German womens Foundation Frauen-Anstiftung, since 1997 under support of Heinrich-Boell-Foundation. Those programs were directed at creation and development of informational resources for women, establishing of informational exchange and consolidation of relations with international womens movement.


RPO Vostok-Zapad: ZhIP has two registered mass media:

1. Site Open Women Line (Mass Media Registration Certificate El N 77-2768) today it developed into informational portal on subject Woman and Society with weekly dispatching of informational digests -

2. Social and educational magazine Woman Plus (1500 copies)

Specialists of organization:
Babich Natalia - president of ZhIP, IT specialist;
Grishina Galina - general director of ZhIP;
Denisova Alla - editor, ph D.;
Rilnikova Irina - magazine main editor;
Leikina Elena - accounter;




PROJECTS of East-West: Womens Innovation Projects 1994-2003






Financial support



Distance learning with telematics

Work out 4 distance courses and 150 women frfom 8 regions got trainings via ICT



Babich N.

Grishina G.


"Women as pathfinders on information superhighway

ICT tranings for abroad partners, creation of manual for management of womens NGO via ICT


Babich N.

Grishina G.

1994- till present time

Magazine "Woman Plus"

Social educational magazine

Henrih Boell Foundation, Global Fund for Women


Grishina G.,

Kachalova J.

Rilnikova I.


Electronic documentation centre


Work out of on-line databases and virtual biblio centre

Henrih Boell Foundation

Babich N.



1996- till present time

Site "Open Women Line"

Information portal Women&Society

Henrih Boell Foundation

Babich N.

Grishina G.


Changing of society through womens art

Creation of Internet site for famous Russian poet Unna Moritc

Mama Cash

Grishina G.

Zagoreckaya E.


Womens agenda

Creation of Catalogue Internet to Women!(hard copy - 1000 is.) and electronic version. More than 2000 links with annatations in 14 themes.

Womens network program of Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation)


Babich N.

Grishina G.,

Denisova A.


"Women in partnership: policy society business. Vital Voices

Creation of site

Womens network program of Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation)


Babich N.



Gender education for everybody! Gender terms reference book

Creation of Reference book (hard copy - 3000 is..) and electronic version. Distance work with 49 authors. Reference includes 379 articles.

Canadian gender fund

Grishina G.

Denisova A.


Internet for women!

Developing of information portal Women&Society (Mass Media about women and international news lins). Developing and promotion of English version of portal Women&Society

Womens network program of Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation)


Babich N.



Thesaurus of gender terms

Developing of linguistic equipment, search mechanism to resource on gender themes.

Womens network program of Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation)


Denisova A.


Elimination of sex based discrimination is the one way to human rights realization: No sexism!

Work our of mechanism of public reaction on sex based discrimination in Mass Media, cooperation between NGOs of different spheres.

Switzerland Human Rights and Civil Social Development Programme Russia

Babich N.

Grishina G.

Denisova A.




RPO "East-West: ZhIP" collaborates with following organizations: Information Center of Independent Women's Forum (Moscow), non-commercial partnership "Focus" (Moscow), Consortium of Women's non-governmental Organizations (Moscow), The Kola Peninsula Congress of Women (Murmansk), Women's Public Organization "Femina"(Naberzhnye Chelny), Electronic Documentation Center (Moscow region), Center "Contemporary Woman" (Moscow), The Movement of Russian Women (Moscow) etc. Women's information network (Moscow).

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