In Russia:

ICIWF is a member of international organizations:

  • KARAT Coalition (Association of women's organizations from the states of the Central and East Europe);
  • Huairou Commission (Global women's network including organizations from USA, Canada, India, Kenia, Guatemala, Argentina, etc.) - the strategic partner of UN Habitat,
  • Partnership network "Stockholm Partnership for Sustainable Cities".

The information about ICIWF is placed:

  • Women's Information Services and Networks: a global sourse book, Netherlands;
  • The List of 472 Good and Best Practices included in the Best Practices Database, 2000;
  • European DataBank Sustainable Development;
  • In 2002 the ICIWF project "Information Centers as New Social Institutes for the Empowerment of Women and Habitat Agenda Promotion" was qualified as "best practice" and was included in the Best Practices Database, 2002;
  • For the successful realization of the project "Engendering local and city policies" the ICIWF was included into the list of “Stockholm Partnerships for Sustainable Cities” (;
  • In 2004 the ICIWF project 'Building a Safer City Together' has been selected as a good international project for the Women's Safety Awards 2004. You can find results here: Winners of the Women's Safety Awards 2004.htm;
  • Case study 11 "Russia. Mainstreaming gender into the local policy agenda" in "Making planning work", ITDJ publishing 2006, p. 38-41.;
  • Women's Safety Audits: What Works and Where?, common edition UN Habitat, Women in Cities International and Sida.
  • The Global Assesment on Women's Safety, common edition UN Habitat, Women in Cities International, Sida, Huairou and "Red Mujir y Habitat de America Latina"

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